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A commitment to accurate, non-invasive valuation of bullion, coins, and jewelry has made Rancho Gold the best place to sell precious metals in Nevada. Getting a realistic valuation for your gold coins, silver flatware, or platinum bullion requires an experienced eye. That’s why Rancho Gold’s reputation of expert analysis and providing an accurate price for silver and gold on the spot has made them the best place to sell gold in Las Vegas. We want to share our knowledge with our customers and those considering investing in precious metals. If you’re interested in learning more about evaluating gold bars, silver jewelry, and platinum coins you’ve come to the right place. Please browse our blog articles if you’re interested in buying, selling or investing in precious metals and find out what makes the Rancho Gold Precious Metals Blog the best source of industry knowledge in the Las Vegas area.

Experts with Years of History in the Industry

The Finver’s have a combined 45 years of experience in the jewelry and precious metal industry. A.J. Finver has been a business owner in the gold and silver industry since 1984.

Since opening the Jewelry Exchange, his first store, A.J. has made it a priority to provide his customers with the accurate pricing of silver, gold, and platinum. He offers knowledge and experience in a wide range of jewelry and bullion products. Today he actively owes Rancho Gold with his son Gregg.

Gregg Finver’s 10 years of industry experience and GIA Diamond Lab Certification has made him an expert in diamond grading, as well as precious metal valuation. Together, Gregg and A.J. don’t just tell you the price of silver and gold, they create a complete customer culture of learning. This blog continues that tradition of sharing market insights and friendly advice.

Selling Your Gold to a Reputable Buyer
The Benefits of Selling Your Gold to a Reputable Buyer It’s important to find a reputable and trustworthy gold buying store to ensure that you receive a fair price for... Read More
U.S. Mint Precious Metal Bullion Coins
U.S. Mint Precious Metal Coins     The United States Mint produces precious metal bullion coins in Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They are referred to as American Eagles (American Silver... Read More
How We Buy Jewelry
Jewelry Buying At Rancho Gold & Jewelry, customer security and safety are our top priority. Transactions are conducted within private buying rooms, for customer privacy, comfort and security. At the... Read More
Covid Impact
We’re Back! Year 2020 has been tough for most of Las Vegas and the USA. The Corona Virus has, to say the least, been a challenge to work around. In... Read More
Coin Collecting Key Dates
US Coin Key Dates         One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘What coins should I be looking for?’. As a guide, we have... Read More
Silver Bullion
Silver Bullion Facts    People who invest in silver bullion have two broad categories to choose from: 1) Privately manufactured. 2) Government minted.     We define “Privately manufactured” silver bullion... Read More
Bench Sweeps
Jewelers Bench Sweeps At Rancho Gold & Jewelry, we pride ourselves in being able to buy any gold in any form. This includes jewelry, gold teeth, coins, bullion and gold... Read More
Watches We Buy
Watches Wrist watches and pocket watches were amazing pieces of mechanical engineering at the time they were first released to the public. Pocket watches came first, as it was easier... Read More
Platinum Jewelry
Platinum Platinum was not always prized as a precious metal. In fact, when miners in the 16 th century found platinum in gold and silver mines, they would throw it... Read More
The Various Colors of Gold Jewelry
The Colors of Gold Gold jewelry can be made in a variety of colors using different metal alloys; usually yellow, white, green and/or pink (rose). I say “and/or’ since a... Read More
How to Securely Sell your Valuables
A Secure Way to Sell your Valuables When you are selling your gold or silver jewelry, bullion coins, or other valuables, it is important to feel safe and secure. Many... Read More
Placer Gold and Natural Gold Nuggets
Nugget and Placer Gold         In the modern world, the most common ways a person gets to see, or own gold are; via jewelry, which is karat gold... Read More
Safely Buying Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold and Silver Bullion The world of gold and silver bullion can be daunting to a person new to investing in such items. Because of this, there are a number... Read More
Platinum Bullion Coins
Platinum Coins    Platinum is a precious metal first discovered in South America in 1735. It was given the name platinum from the Spanish word ‘platina’, which means ‘silver’, due... Read More
Sterling Silver Jewelry
Know your Sterling Silver Jewelry    With the rise of gold prices, sterling silver jewelry has become more prevalent for people seeking real, fine precious metal jewelry without having to... Read More
The 4 C's of Diamond Grading
The 4 C's of Diamonds Explained Unlike gold, silver and other precious metals, evaluating diamonds is as much an art as it is a science. Many things can affect the... Read More
Is My Old Jewelry Valuable?
What is the value of my broken and no longer worn jewelry?       Worn or broken Jewelry can come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest solitaire pendant... Read More
Beginners Guide to Precious Metal Bullion
What you need to know. What is bullion? Bullion is a refined piece of precious metal that is usually stamped with the type of metal it is and the weight... Read More
Accurate Gold and Precious Metal Testing!
High Tech Jewelry & Bullion Testing  Testing precious metal for its karat or purity is an integral part of buying gold, silver, platinum or palladium. For many years, the only... Read More
Gold Bullion Coins
Government Issued Gold Bullion Modern Gold Bullion coins got their start in 1967, with the introduction of the South African Krugerrand. The Krugerrand contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold,... Read More
What does 14 karat or 10 karat mean?
The Importance of Purity in Gold Jewelry Pure gold jewelry is uncommon is the USA, due to the inherent softness of the precious metal. To make gold jewelry more durable,... Read More
Sterling Silver Flatware
Silverware & Sterling Silver Serving Pieces Flatware made of sterling silver has been a luxury item for centuries. It has since fallen out of general use for many reasons, including... Read More
When an ounce is not an ounce
Precious Metals and the Troy Ounce In my 30 plus years of buying precious metals , I have found that many people do not realize that Gold, Silver, Platinum and... Read More
Dental Gold
Learning about Gold Teeth If you are wondering: What is dental gold, here is an explanation for you. Gold wire has been used in dentistry since ancient times. Because gold... Read More
United States Silver Coinage
90% 'Junk' Silver Half Dollars, Quarters & Dimes Before 1965 all major U.S. coins, excluding the nickel and penny, contained 90% silver content. When a coin is called “90% silver”... Read More