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Scrap Gold Buyers

Simply put, we buy all items made of solid gold. If you are looking to sell scrap gold, Rancho Gold & Jewelry offers the best scrap gold prices in the industry. If you are not sure whether your items are solid gold or other precious metals, visit our store for a free evaluation. Bring in anything, from a melted lump of gold, placer gold, broken or unwanted jewelry, dental gold scrap, and more!

Here at Rancho Gold, we offer free evaluations of your gold pieces in order to offer you the best prices. We are the leading scrap gold buyers in Las Vegas, visit us and sell scrap gold for instant cash today!

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Items That Contain Gold

There is a variety of items people find laying around their house that are comprised of valuable gold. Most of these items are obvious sources of gold, but there are a few items that may come as a surprise. Here are a few items that may have somewhere at home...

Unwanted, Broken or Inherited Jewelry

Many people have their unwanted or inherited jewelry in an old jewelry box or a bag on a closet shelf. Mixed in the piles of, what looks like costume jewelry, are frequently actual pieces of real gold. Even broken gold jewelry can be turned into cash. Bring them into Rancho Gold & Jewelry to be tested and evaluated for free!

Dental crowns, bridges and gold fillings

It’s very common for people to have had dental work removed and discover that there can be a lot of value to be harvested for cash. Our clients are often surprised at the value of items they leave sitting in a drawer for decades at a time.

Antique Decorations and Reading Glasses

Occasionally antique and Asian decorations can be made of high karat gold leaf. Sometimes antique reading glasses were made of gold. Because gold became pricey in 1980, it’s possible that older and antique items have a better chance of containing gold than modern items. We are glad to test most items that you may think contains gold.

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Sell Scrap Gold Today

Selling scrap gold is an easy, hassle-free way of making a extra cash. With decades of experience, our staff is comprised of skilled professionals in gold buying, selling, and evaluation. If you have items you suspect may still hold value for their gold, we will evaluate them free of charge. Stop in today or call 702-626-0000 for a free consultation. We offer the most precise scrap gold prices in the industry, and are the trusted store offering you cash for gold in Las Vegas.

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