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Do you have a coin collection that you’ve not looked at in years? Maybe coins that you’ve inherited? Rancho Gold & Jewelry is the leading buyer of silver, gold and collectible coins in Las Vegas. We have years of experience evaluating United States coins for collectible and precious metal value. This allows us to pay you top dollar for your coins.

Our professional staff takes the time to go through your coins for better dates, mint marks and condition and make you an immediate cash offer.

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Commonly Collected Coins in Las Vegas

Coin Collecting has been a popular hobby for hundreds of years in the United States. Many families have a coin collector or may have inherited coins from past generations. These coin collections can vary wildly depending on the collector and the time period the collection came from. Because of this, every coin collection is unique. Our coin experts at Rancho Gold and Jewelry have years of experience both collecting and buying all types of coins and collections.

So, whether you have a few coins or a large collection, we will evaluate your coins in one of our secure privacy rooms.

Rancho Gold & Jewelry will make you a fair, no obligation CASH offer.

Some of the coins that we buy:

Half Cent Coin

Half & Large Cents

1793 to 1857

Flying Eagle Cent

Flying Eagle Cents

1856 to 1858

Indian Head Cent

Indian head cents

1859 to 1909*

Lincoln Head Cent

Lincoln cents

1909 to 1931*

Two Cent Piece

Two Cent Pieces

1864 to 1873

Three Cent Piece Silver

three cent pieces

1851 to 1889

Shield Nickel

shield nickels

1866 to 1883

Liberty V Nickel

Liberty "V" nickels

1883 to 1912*

Buffalo Nickel

buffalo nickels

1913 to 1938*

Half Dime

half Dimes

1794 to 1873

Mercury Dime


1796 to 1964 (90% silver only)

Twenty Cent Piece

Twenty Cent pieces

1875 to 1878

Standing Liberty Quarter

quarter dollars

1796 to 1964 (90% silver only)

Franklin Half Dollar

half Dollars

1796 to 1964 (90% silver only)

Kennedy Half

Kennedy half Dollars

1964 (90% silver only)

1965 to 1970 (40% silver only)

Morgan Silver Dollar

Silver Dollars (Morgan, Peace, Seated and Trade)

1794 to 1935

Commemorative Half Dollar

Commemoratives (US Minted)

Various Dates

Slabbed Coin

Slabbed & Graded Coins


*Many of the coins in these series are Not Valuable

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